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Energy efficiency, beauty, and care-free maintenance make SeriousWindows’ vinyl windows series an ideal window for any home remodel or new construction project. Our high performance glazing options offer clear views, high UV protection, and natural daylighting to improve the year-round comfort in your home. Unlike wood, our vinyl windows will never rot or require endless repainting. And unlike aluminum, they will never pit or flake. SeriousWindows replacement vinyl windows and doors are made from the highest quality vinyl and require almost no maintenance. Click the SeriousWindows Logo above to visit the SeriousWindows website.

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Empire State Building
New York, NY
An Iconic Example of Energy Retrofit Viability

One of the world’s most famous buildings has undergone a major sustainability retrofit to become a leading example of economic and environmental revitalization. Built during the Great Depression, this American Icon, once designed to be the world’s tallest building, has become one of the most energy efficient commercial buildings in the United States.

A sustainability team of experts joined forces to retrofit the Empire State Building using an innovative design process and state-of-the-art tools with one key goal in mind: to determine the most cost-effective measures that produce the most impactful energy-saving results. This ground-breaking process serves as a model for other owners of existing multi-tenanted office buildings around the world.

Chosen as one of eight individual measures, Serious Energy upgraded the 6,514 dual pane windows in the Empire State Building by reusing all existing glass and creating super-insulating glass units in a dedicated processing space located onsite in the building.

We invite you to explore the SeriousWindows site to learn more about the project and the critical role of the super-insulating window retrofit in the Empire State Building.


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