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01 W Ideal The Professional Photo1
  • 01 W Ideal The Professional Photo1
    The Professional Photo1
  • 02 W Ideal The Professional Awning
    The Professional Awning
  • 03 W Ideal The Professional Basement-Hopper
    The Professional Basement Hopper
  • 04 W Ideal The Professional Bay-Window-with-Casements
    The Professional Bay Window with Casements
  • 05 W Ideal The Professional Bay-Window-with-Double-Hungs
    The Professional Bay Window with Double Hungs
  • 06 W Ideal The Professional Bow-Window
    The Professional Bow Window
  • 07 W Ideal The Professional Casement
    The Professional Casement
  • 08 W Ideal The Professional Double-Hung
    The Professional Double Hung
  • 09 W Ideal The Professional Picture-Window
    The Professional Picture Window
  • 10 W Ideal The Professional Single-Hung
    The Professional Single Hung
  • 11 W Ideal The Professional Slider
    The Professional Slider
  • 12 W Ideal DuraWeld Photo1
    DuraWeld Photo1
  • 13 W Ideal DuraWeld Awning
    DuraWeld Awning
  • 14 W Ideal DuraWeld Basement-Hopper
    DuraWeld Basement Hopper
  • 15 W Ideal DuraWeld Bay-Window-with-Casements
    DuraWeld Bay Window with Casements
  • 16 W Ideal DuraWeld Bay-Window-with-Double-Hungs
    DuraWeld Bay Window with Double Hungs
  • 17 W Ideal DuraWeld Bow-Window
    DuraWeld Bow Window
  • 18 W Ideal DuraWeld Casement
    DuraWeld Casement
  • 19 W Ideal DuraWeld Double-Hung
    DuraWeld Double Hung
  • 20 W Ideal DuraWeld Picture-Window
    DuraWeld Picture Window
  • 21 W Ideal DuraWeld Slider
    DuraWeld Slider
  • 22 W Ideal Ultraweld Photo1
    Ultraweld Photo1
  • 23 W Ideal Ultraweld Awning
    Ultraweld Awning
  • 24 W Ideal Ultraweld Basement-Hopper
    Ultraweld Basement Hopper
  • 25 W Ideal Ultraweld Bay-Window-with-Casements
    Ultraweld Bay Window with Casements
  • 26 W Ideal Ultraweld Bay-Window-with-Double-Hungs
    Ultraweld Bay Window with Double Hungs
  • 27 W Ideal Ultraweld Bow-Window
    Ultraweld Bow Window
  • 28 W Ideal Ultraweld Casement
    Ultraweld Casement
  • 29 W Ideal Ultraweld Double Hung
    Ultraweld Double Hung
  • 30 W Ideal Ultraweld Picture-Window
    Ultraweld Picture Window
  • 31 W Ideal Ultraweld Slider
    Ultraweld Slider

01 W Ideal The Professional Photo1

Ideal Vinyl Windows

Every window that has the Ideal name on it is designed for performance, beauty, and dependability. And we make it easy by providing our customers with a complete line of replacement and new construction windows with a full range of styles. Click the Ideal Logo above to visit the Ideal website.

Need more information? Jilco's experienced design team and friendly representatives are standing by, ready to answer your questions...
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For over 80 years Ideal Window has been helping homeowners and contractors by providing outstanding service and quality window products. Whether you are building a new home or updating an older one, there are few decisions more important than choosing the right windows for your home.

We have the sizes, shapes, colors and glass options you desire and all backed by an exceptional warranty and top of the line customer support.

Why Ideal Window?

A traditional, hard-working company that has combined innovative products and services together.

Based in a small town just across the river from New York City, Ideal Window strives to provide innovative and quality window and door products. As we enter new markets and develop new product lines, we listen to the needs of the customers and continue to invest in superior-based engineering and manufacturing processes. By doing this, we can ensure you the level of product dependability you have come to expect from Ideal.

Some highlights include:

  • Virgin vinyl that is non-petroleum based
  • Custom crafted windows and doors
  • Provide design flexibility and numerous options
  • Fusion welded frame & sashes
  • Industry leader in energy efficiency and ENERGY STAR® partner
  • Tax Credit compliant products
  • Hurricane and impact product offering
  • Knowledgeable customer care teams
  • Experienced field service support
  • Environmentally responsible


We Celebrate Our Past and Continue to Build for Our Future

For over 87 years, Ideal has engineered, manufactured and shipped quality window and door products. Ideal is financially strong and has been a supplier of choice for 87 years. What began as a one-man storefront operation has become a major force in the window industry. Irving Rogow founded Ideal Window in 1924. He sold home products by day and manufactured them by night. Within a few years he moved the company to a larger location and by the mid 1930’s he employed more than 100 people.

By 1972 Ideal was producing over 300,000 storm windows and doors per year. Also in 1972, Ideal entered the aluminum replacement window business. Nine years later, Ideal was one of the pioneers into vinyl windows and started manufacturing vinyl windows on a limited basis. In 1983 full-scale manufacturing of vinyl windows began at a new facility on Kennedy Boulevard in Bayonne, NJ.

Today Ideal employs over 300 hundred people and continues to operate out of three Bayonne, NJ locations. Ideal has been a Top 100 Manufacturer for well over twenty years. Ideal over the years has won many awards and accolades. We have been and continue to be a leader in design, manufacturing and marketing of replacement and new construction windows. We are proud of the fact that we are selling windows to the children and grandchildren of some of our original customers. It is not our goal to be the biggest window manufacturer, but to be the best at what we do.


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