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01 Dkc UULenLaroCRvRvOxK6
  • 01 Dkc UULenLaroCRvRvOxK6
    Door: Laroche • Wood: Cherry • Finish: Riverbed, Riverbed Onyx
  • 02 Dkc UUCyrCayhMMaFonFontCRvK
    Door: Cayhill • Wood: Cherry, Maple • Finish: Riverbed, Magnolia
  • 03 Dkc UuAshArteMBkCBgCfKg
    Door: Artesia • Wood: Cherry • Finish: Burgundy-coffee, Blackberry
  • 04 Dkc Puritann
    Door: Puritan • Wood: Maple • Finish: Natural
  • 05 Dkc HamHighCCnCfTrK2
    Door: Highland • Wood: Cherry • Finish: Cinnamon Coffee, Truffle
  • 06 Dkc DlmDestMCoCfAmCfK
    Door: Destin • Wood: Maple • Finish: Cocoa Coffee, Alma Coffee • Special Feature: Built-in refrigerator with custom Enkeboll
  • 07 Dkc UUPotPacqCNmOxBerBonnMBlK2
    Door: Portage, Bancroft • Wood: Cherry • Finish: Nutmeg Onyx, Black
  • 08 Dkc Portabello OA
    Door: Monterey, Vail • Wood: Cherry, Maple • Finish: Truffle, Portobello
  • 09 Dkc DlmDestMCoCfAmCfK2
    Door: Destin • Wood: Maple • Finish: Cocoa Coffee, Alma Coffee
    Door: Monterey • Wood: Cherry • Finish: Mandarin • Special Feature: Stainless Steel, Decorative Refrigerator Panels
  • 11 Dkc D04-CHYARTNU
    Door: Artesia • Wood: Cherry • Finish: Nutmeg Coffee, Alma Caramel
  • 12 Dkc SLWetBar
    Door: Metro • Wood: Quartersawn White Oak • Finish: Chestnut
  • 13 Dkc MPL Bancroft CocCoff 2
    Door: Bancroft • Wood: Maple • Finish: Cocoa Coffee
  • 14 Dkc ProfACretouched
    Door: Monroe • Wood: Quartersawn White Oak • Finish: Chestnut • Special Feature: Turnings, Wood Hood, Corbels, Brackets
  • 15 Dkc MPL MetroOyster 2
    Door: Metro • Wood: Maple, Quartersawn White Oak • Finish: Oyster, Chestnut
  • 16 Dkc MPL Marion PRL
    Door: Marion • Wood: Maple • Finish: Pearl
  • 17 Dkc BancroftHoneyMaple
    Door: Bancroft • Wood: Maple • Finish: Honey
  • 18 Dkc JEkitchen1
    Door: Danville • Wood: Cherry • Finish: Cinnamon
  • 19 Dkc D04-MPLARTAC
    Door: Artesia • Wood: Maple • Finish: Alma Caramel, Black
  • 20 Dkc CBkitchen1
    Door: Morris • Wood: Cherry • Finish: Cinnamon
  • 21 Dkc ALD Melbourne 3
    Door: Melbourne • Wood: Alder • Finish: Mandarin Coffee
  • 22 Dkc Pastelpleasure
    Door: Brookside Square • Wood: Maple • Finish: Antique White
  • 23 Dkc CHY Ashford CocoaCoff
    Door: Artesia, Ashford • Wood: Cherry • Finish: Cocoa Coffee, Truffle
  • 24 Dkc CHY Morocco NutCoff
    Door: Morocco • Wood: Cherry • Finish: Nutmeg Coffee
  • 25 Dkc D04-MPLPRACA
    Door: Province • Wood: Maple • Finish: Alma Caramel, Aster Porcelain
  • 26 Dkc UrbanKitchen
    Door: Homestead, Manheim, Madrid • Wood: Cherry • Finish: Truffle • Special Feature: Stainless Steel
  • 27 Dkc MPLVAILP
    Door: Vail • Wood: Maple • Finish: Pearl • Special Feature: Custom Red Interior
  • 28 Dkc D04-MPLPROV1
    Door: Province • Wood: Maple • Finish: Aster Porcelain
  • 29 Dkc Countrycharm
    Door: Marion • Wood: Pecan • Finish: Wheat
  • 30 Dkc CHY Puritan Sable
    Door: Puritan • Wood: Cherry • Finish: Sable

01 Dkc UULenLaroCRvRvOxK6

Dynasty Kitchen Cabinetry

When you're looking for a kitchen like no one else’s...Our Dynasty semi-custom and Omega Custom lines blend together with ease, giving you that stunning kitchen without breaking the bank. Because we offer matching door styles and finishes in both lines, your designer can integrate a few custom pieces without paying for full custom throughout. It’s a value that you can’t find with any other brand. Click the Dynasty Logo above to visit the Omega website.

Need more information? Jilco's experienced design team and friendly representatives are standing by, ready to answer your questions...
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Since 1977, Omega Cabinetry has grown from meager beginnings in a small barn in the rural community of Washburn, Iowa to a leading manufacturer of all-wood cabinetry. In 2002 Omega Cabinetry became a valued member of the Fortune Brands family which includes brands like Titleist, King Cobra, Moen, MasterLock and MasterBrand Cabinets. Located in Waterloo, Iowa, in the heart of the Midwest, Omega Cabinetry boasts over 400,000 square feet of state-of-the-art production space on almost 40 acres and more than 800 well trained and hard-working associates.

Dedicated to quality craftsmanship and superior service, everyone at Omega Cabinetry takes pride in each and every cabinet produced. From the select materials used to build the cabinetry to the multi-step finish processes applied to each component, Omega Cabinetry's quality is unparalleled. Backed by the most comprehensive warranty in the industry, depth and breadth of our product offering, our world class business support team, there's no question that kitchen and bath solutions from Omega are the best value around.


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