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  All slabs must be viewed (prior to any order being placed) due to the natural variations in stone. The textures below are not necessarily representative of all slabs. Furthermore, computer monitors have inherent limitations, and electronically reproducing color on the Internet is imprecise. As such, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the colors and textures displayed below. If you would like to see a sample of any product shown on our site, please contact Jilco today by phoning us at (914) 248-6100 or by clicking HERE and completing our simple form.  

African Red


Amarillo Capri

Amazon Flower

Amazon Green

Amazon Star

Antique Pearl

Aquario Green

Azul Imperial

Azul Macauba

Baltic Brown

Bianco Romano

Black Absolute

Black Beauty

Black Galaxy

Black Impala

Blue Bahia

Blue Bahia Select

Blue Baracuda

Blue Eyes

Blue Marinaci

Blue Palmaris

Blue Pearl


Branco Porolla

Brazilian Mahogany

Candeias Green

Capao Bonito

Carioca Gold

Cinza Andorinha

Coast Green


Coral Reef

Crema Azul Bahia

Crème Brulette

Dakota Mahogany

Emerald Pearl

Equator White

Eucaliptus Green



Giallo Antico

Giallo Fiorito

Giallo Florencia

Giallo Venezia

Giallo Veneziano


Goitys Rose

Golden Flash

Golden Oak

Golden Vyara

Golden Vyara Multicolor

Gran Carmello

Green Fantasy

Green Rose

Gunabara Blue


Imperial Brown

Imperial Coffee

Imperial Green

Imperial White

Ivory Chiffon

Juparana Arizona

Juparana Bahia Gold

Juparana Classic

Juparana Classic Light

Juparana Colizeum

Juparana Columbo

Juparana Coral

Juparana Crystal

Juparana Delicato

Juparana Delicato

Juparana Dourado

Juparana Fantasia

Juparana Frango

Juparana Itanhaga

Juparana Persia

Juparana Royalton

Juparana Sunset

Juparana Triest

Kashmire Gold

Kashmire White

Kinawa Classic


Labrador Antique

Madura Gold



Maritaca Dark

Maritaca Foresta

Marrom Castor

Millenium Crème

New Bianco Romano

New Caledonia

Ocean Pearl

Ornamental Yellow


Paracema White

Paradiso Bash


Pavao Antique


Red Funil


Rosa Beta

Santa Pua

Santa Rita

Sao Gabriel Black

Sao Paulo Blue

Saphire Blue

Sardinian White



Shivakashi Gold

Silversea Green

St. Cecilia Classic

St. Cecilia Dourado

St. Cecilia Light

Tan Brown


Top Green

Tropical Amazon

Tropical Saputi

Tunas Green

Tunas Veined

Venezian Gold

Verde Andorra

Verde Argento

Verde Chateaubriand

Verde Fontain
Verde Imperial Tropical

Verde Lavras

Verde Macabu

Verde Margozo

Verde Pasatiempo

Verde Rose

Verde Serido

Verde Spluga

Verde Tropical



Vitoria Regina

Volga Blue

White Bee

White Ceara

Yellow Gerais

Yellow Goias

Granite Countertops

Granite, the material that defines elegance, is quarried worldwide. It is the most popular and durable stone for counters - resistant to oils and acids, water-resistant, heatproof, and easy to clean.

Thinking of putting Granite in your kitchen? Jilco's experienced design team and friendly representatives are standing by, ready to discuss your options and answer your questions...
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More about Granite:

Granite is available in two different finishes:
a) A highly-polished finish which lends itself to most countertop applications
b) A "honed finish," which lends itself to floor applications (matte finish or surface)

Granite counters are designed and built using large, pre-cut slabs. Quality fabrication is paramount and a good reason to rely on Jilco's experienced design team for answers to questions and professional advice.


Formed by volcanic activity, (the change from a molten to solid state), Granite is an extremely hard igneous rock with visible coarse grains. Its unique colors, patterns & veins, revealing both the region of creation and the geological conditions that created it, make each slab unique. Granite is composed of colored minerals, including quartz, mica and feldspar. Select cuts are graded by their strength, density, acid resistance, and water absorption.


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